Sentence Examples

  • All the citizens were expected to attend the annual town-meeting, and such male inhabitants as were not citizens were privileged to attend and to propose and discuss measures, although they had no right to vote.
  • Interested cliques could control the business of the town-meeting in ordinary times, and boisterousness marred its democractic excellence in exciting times.
  • A school committee consisting of any number of members divisible by three is chosen, one-third each year, at the annual town-meeting or at a special meeting which is held in the same month.
  • In Massachusetts, as in New England generally, the word " town " is used, officially and colloquially, to designate a township, and during the colonial era the New England town-meeting was a notable school for education in self-government.
  • Thus for nearly two centuries it preserved intact its old " town " government, disposing of all its affairs in the " town-meeting " of its citizens.