Torrential Definition

tô-rĕnshəl, tə-
Of, having the nature of, or produced by, a torrent.
Webster's New World
Like a torrent, as in violence or copiousness.
Webster's New World
Resulting from the action of fast-flowing streams.
Torrential erosion.
American Heritage
Flowing or surging abundantly; wild.
Torrential applause.
American Heritage
The definition of torrential is rapidly pouring rain or water that is flowing forcefully and rapidly.
When it is raining so hard you can't see out your car window even with the windshield wipers going, this is an example of a torrential rain.
When you are white water rafting and the river is flowing extremely fast and forcefully, this is an example of water that would be described as torrential.

Origin of Torrential

  • From torrent +"Ž -ial.

    From Wiktionary

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