Sentence Examples

  • If you have the type of dog that can wear a topknot, you'll appreciate how this week's project will help you keep your ribbons clean and organized in one place.
  • Though we're sure you'll love the looks included here, you can even easily take a ponytail one more step and make a bun, a topknot, or a braid.
  • You'll finish by carefully brushing through the head and facial hair, and then tying up the headfall if your dog has long enough hair for a topknot.
  • I have a lot of different sizes of ribbons that I use for my Yorkie Cappy's topknot, especially if we are going somewhere special.
  • Their hair is generally shaved, excepting a topknot; and when not shaved it gets into a matted, tangled mass, gathered into a knot behind or on the crown.