Sentence Examples

  • Learning the color codes for HTML may seem a bit redundant in this drag-and-drop, what-you-see-is-what-you-get web 2.0 world, but like any knowledge, understanding color codes can be an added bit of power in your web toolkit.
  • However, it has proven so useful for so many years that it is almost a requirement in any programmer's toolkit, and shows no sign of giving up its popularity anytime soon.
  • We also have a Relationships Toolkit, which is a series of quizzes to help couples learn more about what makes them compatible and help them deepen their relationship.
  • Because it is such a robust web design program, Microsoft FrontPage resources tutorials are a necessary part of any web designer's toolkit.
  • A second important part of the Toolkit is a special developmental guide with tips and activities geared to your child's age group.