Sentence Examples

  • A tongue-in-cheek take on Easter, this is for the guy who's not too serious and even likes his bunny to sport some bling (the Easter Bunny on these shorts wears a shiny chain and egg pendant around his neck).
  • Whether trying to be actually helpful, such as Lena Madrona of, or tongue-in-cheek like Tom Philip of, the stages of breaking up tend to follow a pattern.
  • Usually bright-colored and tongue-in-cheek, these cards are perfect for an exciting, passionate couple that loves trying new things and can be expected to have a non-traditional or outrageous wedding.
  • While this name is fading in popularity as more women choose to tattoo this highly versatile canvas, placing a pair of angel wings in this area allows some tongue-in-cheek humor to be achieved.
  • When reading great cheerleading quotes, remember that the silly tongue-in-cheek wordplay functions as a cheerleading accessory, worn on top of sheer athleticism and heart.