Sentence Examples

  • Tompkins in state, and a National Republican in national politics, after 1828 became allied with the Anti-Masonic party, attending the national conventions of 1830 and 1831, and as a member of the organization he served four years (1830-1834) in the state Senate.
  • In the War of 1812 Sackett's Harbor was an important strategic point for the Americans, who had here a naval station, Fort Tompkins, at the base of Navy Point, and Fort Volunteer, on the eastern side of the harbour.
  • TOMPKINS (1774-1825), American politician, was born at Scarsdale, Westchester county, New York, on the 21st of June 1774.
  • Later the state comptroller announced a shortage of $120,000 in the military accounts, but Tompkins claimed that the state owed him $130,000.
  • Tompkins, 1807-1817 (3 vols., 1898-1902) were published by the state.