Sentence Examples

  • Ronnie doesn't know any of those people and he keeps saying I should step up to the plate, like it's the least I could do 'cause he already tolerates me like a bad case of hemorrhoids.
  • The Argentine constitution recognizes the Roman Catholic religion as that of the state, but tolerates all others.
  • The additional qualification of " Roman " she tolerates, since it proclaims her doctrine of the see of Rome as the keystone of Catholicism; but to herself she is "the Catholic Church," and her members are "Catholics."
  • While a new spirit which compares and tolerates thus sprang from the Crusades, the large sphere of new knowledge and experience which they gave brought new material at once for scientific thought and poetic imagination.
  • The tenth canon tolerates the marriages of deacons who previous to ordination had reserved the right to take a wife; the thirteenth forbids chorepiscopi to ordain presbyters or deacons; the eighteenth safeguards the right of the people in objecting to the appointment of a bishop whom they do not wish.