Sentence Examples

  • My Dear Mr. Brooks: Helen sends you a loving greeting this bright May-day.
  • Brooks, on the other hand, as stated above, regards the medusa as the older type and looks upon both polyp and medusa, in the Hydromedusae, as derived from a free-swimming or floating actinula, the polyp being thus merely a fixed nutritive stage, possessing secondarily acquired powers of multiplication by budding.
  • For the successful negotiation of brooks a bold horse is required, ridden by a bold man.
  • Brooks regards these organs as sensory, serving for the sense of balance, and representing a primitive stage of the tentaculocysts of Trachylinae; Linko, on the other hand, finding no nerve-elements connected with them, regards them as digestive (?) in function.
  • Brooks, Journal of Morphology, x., by permission of Ginn & Co.