Sentence Examples

  • While adult toggle coats seldom have a zipper underneath the toggle closures, it's a good idea to choose a toddler's toggle coat with a zipper to keep out snow and wind regardless of how hard your child is playing.
  • For example, the "progress towards rank" toggle goes on the right pocket, hanging off the button, and as each rank is achieved (such as Bobcat, Wolf, or Bear) they go into various positions on the left pocket.
  • Remote controls for toddlers should be large and easy to handle, typically only consisting of one or two toggle switches or buttons that are easy for little fingers to manipulate.
  • This toddler's navy toggle coat is a nice option for boys, or this Ralph Lauren navy blue toggle coat is a beautifully classic jacket (with an admittedly impressive price tag).
  • Toggle coats often are made of wool; however, there are some other types of toggle coats, for example khaki ones, that make for a nice twist on the classic wool toggle coat.