Sentence Examples

  • He prescribes panda toenail unction to be spread on the forehead before sleep to make the dreams more lucid.
  • The type of vinegar you use is not necessarily important - there are many different types available on the market, but the most common types used in toenail fungus treatment are typically regular malt vinegar and apple cider vinegar.
  • Though clothing and accessories are both perfect outlets to make a statement and show off our personalities, the process of creating a veritable work of art on the finger or toenail is somehow even more satisfying.
  • This opening serves a dual purpose of ensuring that you don't accidentally trim away too much of your dogs toenail while also serving as a collection area for the material that is trimmed away.
  • Spasticity may be aggravated by temperature extremes, humidity, skin problems such as a pressure ulcer or ingrown toenail, bladder or bowel problems, infections, and sometimes tight clothing.