Sentence Examples

  • Nordenskiold, Den andra Dicksonska Expeditionen til Gronland (Stockholm, 1885).
  • ,,?A e==, Long Muckingford o Chadwell Little Wee Til ury - ':?
  • It was in a town on the left bank of the Euphrates, at the end of a bridge of boats (zeugma).
  • The Euphrates was crossed at Birejil (Til Barsip ?), or Jerablus (Carchemish?), or Tell Ahmar (unidentified), or Thapsacus.
  • Liebenberg, Schack Staffeldts samlede Digte (2 vols., Copenhagen, 1843), and Samlinger til Schack Staffeldts Levnet (4 vols., 1846-1851).