Sentence Examples

  • He, ther,efore, pressed on the march of a corps of French and Swiss troops under Dupont towards Cadiz, in order to take possession of the French sail of the line, five in number, which had been in that harbour since Trafalgar.
  • The island is celebrated for ther mal springs, oranges and daikon (radishes),
  • She was no doctrinMaria aire, and consistently acted on the principle once laid Ther down by Machiavelli, that while changing the substance, the prince should be careful to preserve the form of old institutions.
  • The laws of equilibrium are, it is true, necessaril~ included as a particular case under those of motion; but ther is no real inconvenience in formulating as the basis of static a few provisional postulates which are afterwards seen to b comprehended in a more general scheme.
  • The question presents itself whether ther then is any other law of force, giving a finite velocity from infinity, under which all finite orbits are necessarily closed curves.