Sentence Examples

  • Other frames, however, are available as well, including the TF 2007B c. 8026, a delightfully whimsical pink and tortoise colored frame, as well as the TF 2007B c.2008, a transparent and super shiny frame.
  • A fresh at ~mpt of the same kind was then made against Crispi by tF Radical leader Cavallotti, who advanced unproven charges of corruption and embezzlement.
  • 815), the son and successor ci Harun al-Rashid, caused an Arabic version of Ptolemy's great astronomical work (rat, meyio-Tf) to be made, which is known as the Almagest, the word being nothing more than the Gr.
  • He also showed that the difference of the specific heats at constant pressure and volume, S - s, must be the same for equal volumes of all gases at the same temperature and pressure, being represented by the expression R/TF'(t).
  • (3) Forsothe this is he of whome it is said by Ysaye the prophet, A voice of a cryinge in desert, Make 3e redy the wayes of the Lord; make 3e r13 tf ul the pathes of hym.