Sentence Examples

  • - Terracotta Statuette.
  • On the other hand, the plastic quality of terracotta suggested an abundance of delicate ornamentation on a small scale, which produced its effect by its own individual beauty without broad reference to the general scheme.
  • In 1905 there were 40 establishments for the manufacture of pottery and terracotta, employing 4571 labourers; and their total product was valued at $5,882,701 - or 9.2% of the value of the pottery product of the United States, and 18% of the value of all the city's factory products, in this year.
  • Summanus had a temple at Rome near the Circus Maximus, dedicated at the time of the invasion of Italy by Pyrrhus, king of Epirus (278), when a terracotta image of the god (or of Jupiter himself) on the pediment of the Capitoline temple was struck by lightning and hurled into the river Tiber.
  • Of Etruscan sarcophagi there are numerous examples in terracotta; occasionally they are miniature representations of temples, and sometimes in the form of a couch on which rest figures of the deceased; one of these in the British Museum dates from 500 B.C. The earliest Roman sarcophagus is that of Scipio in the Vatican (3rd century B.C.), carved in peperino stone.