Sentence Examples

  • In T2, young John discovers that the old-model terminator who saves his life is programmed to follow orders from John Connor; he uses this handy fact to force the terminator to spring his mom from the insane asylum.
  • The machines send back a terminator to kill the mother of the rebellion before she can give birth to the rebel, while the rebel, John Connor, sends his own father back in time to save her and ensure his own creation.
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - The 2003 installment Rise of the Machines resulted in a bit of a dip in the Terminator franchise, as it didn't meet the commercial or critical success of the previous two films.
  • Soon it is down to Ripley, Newt, the android Bishop (played by Lance Henriksen) and Corporal Hicks (Michael Beihn, who also played soldier of the future Kyle Reese in Cameron's earlier Terminator) to get away.
  • This article will cover the fantastic Terminator theme music that accompanied each film upon its initial release and will tell you where to go on the Internet to buy soundtracks from these classic movies.