Sentence Examples

  • The road along the east coast from Fanum Fortmrnae down to Barium, which connected the terminations of the Via Salaria and Via Valeria, and of other roads farther south crossing from Campania, had no special name in ancient times, as far as we know.
  • In these buildings there is a great preference for apsidal terminations to the internal chambers, and the façades are as a rule slightly curved.
  • The question how far the villages were really new settlements is difficult to answer, for the terminations -ham, -ton, &c. cannot be regarded as conclusive evidence.
  • The terminations chiefly used are -au, -ion, -on, -i, -ydd, -oedd.
  • At any rate the name Mordecai (the vocalization is uncertain) looks very much like Marduk, which, with terminations added, often occurs in cuneiform documents as a personal name.'