Sentence Examples

  • From the lower rim of the mitre at the back hang two bands (infulae), terminating in fringes.
  • Orbit open behind; and ridges of lower cheek-teeth generally terminating in small loops.
  • The upper molars present a characteristic pattern of crown, having a much-developed flat or more or less sinuous outer wall, and two transverse ridges running obliquely inwards and backwards from it, terminating internally in conical eminences or columns, and enclosing a deep valley between.
  • Its summit consists of a plateau too acres in area, with a slight slope to the south, terminating on its north-eastern side in a sheer fall of more than 1500 ft.
  • In the siphon used as a container for aerated waters a tube passes through the neck of the vessel, one end terminating in a curved spout while the other reaches to the bottom of the interior.