Sentence Examples

  • In 1333 the burgesses, those who held tenements within the borough, numbered zoo.
  • (2) That there existed more than one self or soul or shade in any one of these personalities, and these shades had the power not only to go away, but to transform their bodily tenements at will; a bird, by raising its head, could become a man; the latter, by going on all fours, could become a deer.
  • In England, it was a tenure whereby houses or tenements in an ancient borough were held of the king or other person as lord at a certain rent.
  • Spirits capable of being confined in matter and made useful are in various ways sung or coaxed into the tenements prepared for them.
  • A penalty was therefore imposed on all who kept above 2000 sheep; and no person was to take in farm more than two tenements of husbandry.