Sentence Examples

  • For the first time in months we were temporarily out of business.
  • If, however, one electrode of this cell is connected to the earth and the other to a receiving antenna and electric waves allowed to fall on the antenna, the oscillations passing through the electrolytic cell will remove the polarization and L temporarily decrease the resistance of the cell.
  • The two-story home had been built in the depression years and although there was little land around it, it was comfortable, well constructed and had answered Dean's limited needs—at least "temporarily"—for the past 15 years.
  • The low quotations which ruled for a number Copper of years had a depressing effect upon the industry, and many mines once profitably worked were temporarily closed, but in 1906 there was a general revival.
  • This was owing to the fact that large numbers of the men engaged in agricultural pursuits during the summer temporarily move every year into the large industrial centres for the winter.