Sentence Examples

  • Guy found some satisfaction for his loss in buying from the Templars the island of Cyprus, and there he reigned for the last two years of his life (1192-1194).
  • Later in birth than the Templars and Hospitallers, the Teutonic Order traces its first beginnings from the third Crusade.
  • The Order was from the first, therefore, of a national character, unlike the cosmopolitan orders of the Templars and Hospitallers; but in other respects it was modelled upon the same lines, and shared in the same development.
  • This political and material strength enabled the Order to weather the storm by which the Templars were destroyed at the beginning of the 14th century.
  • Their finances were indeed excellent; they kept regular accounts, and had already developed the modern principle of separating the civil list from the expenses of the government; but when they brought the tables of moneychangers into the temple, they were doing as the Templars had done before them, and were likely to suffer as the Templars had suffered.