Sentence Examples

  • Turning now to Leibnitz's conception of the world as a process, we see first that he supplies, in his notion of the underlying reality as force which is represented as spiritual (quelque chose d'analogique au sentiment et a Tappan), both a mechanical and a teleological explanation of its order.
  • Hegel gives a place in his metaphysical system to the mechanical and the teleological views; yet in his treatment of the world as an evolution the idea of end or purpose is the predominant one.
  • Thus, much of infection and immunity are proving to be but special cases of digestion, and teleological conceptions of protective processes are modified.
  • Diogenes made this conception of a vital and intelligent air the ground of a teleological view of climatic and atmospheric phenomena.
  • Aristotle's teleological conception of organic evolution often approaches modern mechanical conceptions.