Sentence Examples

  • Following in Hayek's footsteps, Jennifer Lopez announced early in 2009 that she was seeking to import Rebelde Way, a teen focused telenovela from Argentina that spotlights the trials and tribulations of a teen pop band.
  • While many of the actors and actresses have gone on to achieve great success outside of the telenovela market, there are still many who don't need to move on, having found enough success right where they are.
  • The telenovelas broadcast out of Brazil are more racy and controversial than Spanish telenovelas and the list of Brazilian telenovela actors includes both stunning beauties and the most macho of men.
  • The telenovela is held up as a representative of what dredging the Paraguay River would do the region and activists seek to preserve the wetlands rather than dig them out for commercial shipping.
  • The telenovela Latin Lover takes the concept a step further combining not only the storyline of the actor, director and producers with the storylines of the novela they are creating.

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