Sentence Examples

  • The technicalities of justice he never allowed to interfere with his plans; but he did not hesitate to shield his friends.
  • She introduced dry technicalities of science little by little, making every subject so real that I could not help remembering what she taught.
  • Hence his efforts, praiseworthy as they were from several points of view, and particularly so in regard to some details, failed to satisfy the philosophic taxonomer when generalizations and deeper principles were concerned, and in his practice in respect of certain technicalities of classification he was, in the eyes of the orthodox, a transgressor.
  • We have sought to render onl y the spirit of primitive religion, keeping clear both of technicalities and of departmental investigations.
  • Without entering into technicalities, it may be said generally that an attempt was made to distinguish between usury, in the modern sense of unjust exaction, and interest on capital.