Sentence Examples

  • In his hand were the two booties, with their tassels hanging.
  • Also the Palestinian short coloured skirt with black tassels of the 14th century (Zeit.
  • While the common Semite wore a short skirt, often with tassels and sometimes with an upper tunic, the more important had an elaborate scarf (extending from waist to knee) wound over the long tunic, or a longer and close-fitting variety coloured blue and red and generally adorned with rich embroidery.
  • The tassels attached by blue threads to the four corners of the outer garment were unique only as regards the special meaning attached to them (Num.
  • Fringes, tassels, little bells and the like were used as decorations of the ends of stoles at least as early as the 9th century; but crosses in the middle and at the ends were rarely added during the middle ages.