Sentence Examples

  • You look like you've been tarred and feathered.
  • Sometimes the wires are covered with the compound alone, and the whole cable after being sheathed is finally covered with tarred tape.
  • For tying plants to trellises and stakes soft tarred string or raffia (the fibre from the Raphia palm of Madagascar) is used.
  • At the bottom of large boxes, the " bleaching-powder chambers," made of lead, or sometimes of cast-iron protected by paint, of slate or even of tarred wood.
  • The following empirical formulae for the stiffness of hempen ropes have been deduced by Mono from the experiments of Coulomb: Let F be the stiffness in pounds avoirdupois; d the diameter of the rope In inches, fl = 48d2 for white ropes and 35d2 for tarred ropes; r the effectire radius of the pulley in inches; T the tension in pounds.