Sentence Examples

  • In 285 he was one of the ambassadors sent to the Tarentines to dissuade them from making war on the Romans.
  • Finally he was sent with a mercenary army to Italy to protect the Tarentines against the attacks of Lucanians or Messapians: he fell together with the greater part of his force at Mandonion 1 on the same day as that on which the battle of Chaeronea was fought.
  • It was a Greek colony founded by the Tarentines and Thurians in 432 B.C., the former being predominant.
  • The aid which Pyrrhus brought did little good to the Tarentines, and his final departure in 274 left them defenceless.
  • After this we find them engaged in hostilities with the Tarentines, and with Alexander, king of Epirus, who was called in by that people to their assistance, 326 B.C. In 298 B.C. (Livy x.

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