Sentence Examples

  • Tantra yoga practitioners must first learn to release any blocks they have placed in their own path, to relax all body tensions, and to silence any mental chatter that would otherwise impede their progress.
  • These roots refer to the fact that tantra is designed to liberate the mind by expanding it; only by expanding the mind can one become truly liberated from one's physical self and the physical world.
  • See Wilson's analysis of the Pancha Tantra, in the Mem.
  • The origin of them is undoubtedly to be found in the Pancha Tantra, or Five Sections, an extensive body of early fables or apologues.
  • Eastwick (Hertford, 1854); Benfey, Pantscha Tantra, German translation with important introduction (2 vols., Leipzig, 1859) other editions, by L.

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