Sentence Examples

  • If you're a small business, for example a small dance studio, you'd be better off creating a couple of 5-minute videos - one being how to tango dance and one being how to salsa dance - and posting those videos on YouTube.
  • The dance step illustrations that serve International style (and many other ballroom styles of dance) so well do not begin to communicate the tempo, sense of connection, or dynamic tension of the Argentine tango.
  • For as long as social dance has been around, these illustrations have been used by teachers to reinforce the lessons, and also been used by novice dancers to get started on learning the basic steps in the tango.
  • Interracial Tango is at least up front about being a "network" of sites, which simply pulls the members together out of a large database and makes matches including people who are not of the same skin color.
  • Paris was the launching pad for tango to come to Europe, but the dance form soon spread to other major European capitols and by 1913 it had crossed the Atlantic again and was appearing in U.S. dance halls.