Sentence Examples

  • The burgesses appear to have had much difficulty in paying this large farm; in 1227 the king pardoned twenty-eight marks of the thirty-two due as tallage, while in 1237 they were £23 in arrears for the farm.
  • Taliare, said to come from talea, talea), the equivalent of the English tallage, was in France the typical direct tax of the middle ages, just as the word tonlieu was the generic term for an indirect tax.
  • The abbot of Peterborough about the 13th century confirmed to his men of Oundle freedom from tallage, "saving to himself pleas of portmanmoot and all customs pertaining to the market," and they agreed to pay 8 marks, 12S.
  • For the ancient farm of Bridport, and that the men of the town owed tallage to the amount of 53s.
  • Therefore in most cases there were no arbitrary exactions to go by, except perhaps one or the other tallage imposed at the will of the lord.