Sentence Examples

  • There are Cassandra and Tala, the Scientist, and Colonel Cartright, the Donald Trump of Darkwatch, who doesn't have much respect for you.
  • Cassandra and Tala walk like models and Colonel Cartright looks like a blocky version of General Robert E.
  • Immortal Friends: No matter how many times you shoot Cassidy or Tala, they will not die.
  • The provinces of Santa Fe, Cordoba and Santiago del Estero are only partially wooded; large areas of plains are intermingled with scrubby forests of algarrobo (Prosopis), quebracho-blanco (Aspido-sperma quebracho), tala (Celtis tala, Sellowiana, acuminata), acacias and other genera.
  • From the left it receives the Eghin-gol and the Jida, and from the right the Tala, Kharagoy, Chikoy, Khilok and Uda, streams each 150 to 300 m.