Sentence Examples

  • Five years later Lord Elgin, accompanied by the representative of France, steamed up the Peiho, after having forced the barriers at Taku, and took peaceable possession of the town.
  • But in 1860, in consequence of the treacherous attack made on the British plenipotentiary the preceding year at Taku, the city and suburbs were occupied by an allied British and French force, and were held for two years.
  • General van der Heyden appeared to have subdued them in 1878-81, but they broke out again in 1896 under the traitor Taku Umar, who had been in alliance with the Dutch.
  • Thus the Stikine river continues Sumner Strait and the Taku continues Cross Sound.
  • The Stikine, Taku and Alsek rivers all cross the mountains in deepcut canyons.