Sentence Examples

  • The stock soared while in the hope of a takeover bid.
  • Upon returning, Victor was immersed in multiple storylines including the long-running villainy of son Adam, a rekindling of his rivalry with Jack and a corporate takeover that found Victor nicking Jabot from Tucker McCall and the Abbotts.
  • Though not quite an aspect of history normally studied in school, the German takeover did have an impact on American fashion designers, who were heavily inspired by French couture prior to World War II.
  • Bank One credit card consolidation programs have fallen under the umbrella of Chase Bank, owned by J P Morgan, after a 2004 takeover by JP Morgan Chase.
  • If I had to pick my favorite B&B story of all time, it would be the Battle for BeLieF and Brooke's subsequent takeover of Forrester.