Sentence Examples

  • Tropical Oasis: One tablespoon of this fluid supplies over 125 different nutrients, including 10 milligrams of amino acids, a full day's supply of vitamins A through E, dozens of trace minerals and 1.32 milligrams of herbal extracts.
  • A nutrition professor at Arizona State University reported similar results with patients that took a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before meals, and noted that the patients taking vinegar also ate fewer calories and lost weight.
  • Mint Mania: This recipe for minty tea comes from the National Gardening Association: Mix three tablespoons dried peppermint, one tablespoon dried catnip, one tablespoon rose petals, and one tablespoon lemon verbena; brew and drink.
  • If you spoon out a measured amount, such as a tablespoon, into each compartment, you will know precisely how much each little frozen basil cube holds, making it easier to use it throughout the winter in your recipes.
  • People counting calories, on the other hand, have to count 100 calories in a tablespoon of butter, 90 calories for a fried egg, two slices of bacon at 86 calories, but for carb counters, it's still zero carbs.