Sentence Examples

  • Marsiglio of Padua had had Frenchmen among his sympathizers and helpers.
  • Funds were immediately raised by sympathizers for alleviating the sufferings of the starving victims. At the same time an appeal, written by Tolstoy and some of his friends, requesting the help of public opinion in favour of the oppressed Doukhobors, was circulated in St Petersburg and sent to the emperor and higher government officials.
  • The Mexicans revolted a few months later, and the newly appointed governor, Charles Bent, and a number of American sympathizers were assassinated; but the rising was quickly suppressed.
  • Macedonian sympathizers at Athens, of whom Philocrates was the chief, also favoured peace.
  • The broad fact remained that while Mr Chamberlain's activity gathered round him the bulk of the Unionist members and an enthusiastic band of economic sympathizers, the country as a whole remained apathetic and unconvinced.