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  • Of the minerals containing gold the most important are sylvanite or graphic tellurium (Ag, Au) Tee, with 24 to 26%; calaverite, AuTe2, with 42%; nagyagite or foliate tellurium (Pb, Au)16 Sba(S, Te)24, with 5 to 9% of gold; petzite, (Ag, Au) 2 Te, and white tellurium.
  • TELLURIUM [[[Symbol]] Te, atomic weight 127.5 (0=16)], a chemical element, found to a certain extent in nature in the uncombined condition, but chiefly in combination with other metals in the form of tellurides, such, for example, as sylvanite, black tellurium, and tetradymite.
  • Silver sulphide, Ag 2 S, occurs naturally as the orthorhombic acanthite, and the cubic argentite; the telluride, Ag 2 Te, named hessite, assumes cubic forms; other tellurides containing silver are petzite, (Ag,Au) 2 Te, and sylvanite, AuAgTe 4.

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