Sentence Examples

  • The sweepers continued their labours night after night, gradually extending the fairway up which heavy craft could safely venture.
  • Grand Rapids manufactures carpet sweepers - a large proportion of the whole world's product, - flour and grist mill products, foundry and machine-shop products, planing-mill products, school seats, wood-working tools, fly paper, calcined plaster, barrels, kegs, carriages, wagons, agricultural implements and bricks and tile.
  • Moreover, promising as the situation may have appeared to be from the attacking side in so far as neutralization of the Ottoman batteries was concerned, it was plain that the mine-sweepers were making disappointing progress.
  • The battleships were to be aided by several cruisers and destroyers and a flotilla of mine-sweepers was also organized.
  • The result was that the wonderful British seamen, including the mercantile marine, mine-sweepers and fishermen, did not receive adequate recognition of their services to the Allies.