Sentence Examples

  • An orange sweatsuit is required (if you have a hard time finding one, try looking at discount clothiers online for some ideas), but beyond that, white and black material are all you'll have to supply.
  • The other day I was "skulking" into a Mexican restaurant to grab some takeout and go home... in my sweatsuit and no makeup, and I got recognized!
  • While some people believe that a heavy sweatsuit is required, you only lose water weight when perspiring so much in a suffocating outfit.
  • A black sweatsuit can easily morph into a scary spider with the addition of eight stuffed hosiery legs secured to the back of the shirt.
  • The Grinch sports a green, furry body, so you need to affix the fur to a bodysuit or green sweatsuit to make the base of the costume.

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