Sentence Examples

  • With the tongue depressed and the child saying "ah," the care provider wipes the back of the throat and the tonsils with the sterile swab, applying it to any area that appears either very red or is discharging pus.
  • Consider applying some of the MAC Pro eye makeup remover or Gently Off version to a cotton swab and gently erasing your makeup with small strokes rather than saturating a cotton ball and wiping the entire eye area.
  • During the examination, a cotton swab or a metal instrument with a flattened tip is used to press on the outer lens of the eye so that a better view of the front areas of the retina can be obtained.
  • Another diagnostic procedure involves taking a corneal impression in which a swab or slide is pressed lightly against the cornea of the eye to determine whether viral material is present.
  • A throat swab will capture the causative organism in most cases and the culture will allow the specific organism to be grown in the microbiology laboratory under certain conditions.