Sentence Examples

  • Suttee was also customary.
  • Hinduism, which was once the religion of Java, but has been extinct there for four centuries, is still in vogue in the islands of Bali and Lombok, where the cruel custom of widow-burning (suttee) is still practised, and the Hindu system of the four castes, with a fifth or Pariah caste (called Chandala), adhered to.
  • Among human sacrifices may be mentioned the suttee, or custom of immolating a widow on the funeral pyre of the husband, and the Khond sacrifice of the Meriah, who was either purchased or the son of a victim father.
  • Did much to suppress infanticide, suttee and the slave trade in his state.
  • Guru Amar Das also discountenanced the practice of suttee, saying: "They are not satis who burn themselves with the dead.