Sentence Examples

  • The Kama Sutra gives detailed instructions on specific genital piercings and their aftercare procedures as well as outlining how they can be used to enhance pleasure.
  • The famous erotic manual Kama Sutra also thoroughly covers all forms of sexual congress between heterosexuals and homosexuals with no judgement involved.
  • If you aren't familiar with Kama Sutra, you can also look into videos, books, audio CDs, and other products that will introduce you to this experience.
  • Another of Yung-lo's bells is hung in a Buddhist temple outside the north-west angle of the city wall, and is covered both on the inside and outside with the Chinese texts of the Lankavatara Sutra, and the Saddharma pundarika Sutra.
  • The distinctive badge of a member of the three upper castes was the sacred triple cord or thread (sutra) - made of cotton, hemp or wool, according to the respective caste - with which he was invested at the upanayana ceremony, or initiation into the use of the sacred savitri, or prayer to the sun (also called gayatri), constituting his second birth.