Sentence Examples

  • It surmounts the watershed by means of Sapperton tunnel, 2 m.
  • Dr Petrie surmounts the difficulty by saying that the process depicted is not glass-blowing, but some metallurgical process in which reeds were used tipped with lumps of clay.
  • A row of gargoyles surmounts each storey of the facade, which is also ornamented by sculptured friezes.
  • The crown which strangely enough surmounts the shield with the arms of the Commonwealth on the coins of Oliver Cromwell (as distinguished from those of the Commonwealth itself, which have no crown) is a royal crown with alternate crosses and fleurs-de-lys round the circlet, and is surmounted by three arches, which, though somewhat flattened, are not bent.
  • He was buried in St Paul's cathedral, where a statue surmounts his tomb.