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  • Some portions of the ancient town walls - of two enceintes, an inner and an outer, the former attributed to the original Umbrian inhabitants, the latter to the Romans - are preserved, and also remains of baths, amphitheatre, theatre, and a substruction wall of massive masonry, with four niches.
  • The superstructure of a similar gate (Porta Marzia), which was removed in 1540 to make way for the citadel, but is depicted in a fresco by Benedetto Bonfigli (between 1461 and 1 477), was re-erected in the substruction walls of the citadel itself.
  • Interesting remains of the substruction wall supporting the ancient road are preserved in Itri itself; and there are many remains of ancient buildings near it.
  • Outside the town are two tombs in the form of towers and the tomb of Cyrus himself, a stone house on a high substruction which rises in seven great steps, surrounded by a court with columns; at its side the remains of a guardhouse, in which the officiating Magians lived, are discernible.
  • Within the city there are no ancient remains, except some massive substruction walls which supported buildings on the hillside.

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