Sentence Examples

  • Any laminate floor can be installed as a floating floor, meaning that it isn't glued to the substrate.
  • Depending on the age of the tiles, this glue could come up quickly with little residue, or it could be hard and firmly cemented to the substrate.
  • Most humans can generate energy through glycolysis for approximately 90 seconds before their enzymes and substrate diminish and lactic acid begins building up in the muscles, preventing continual exercise.
  • This chemical reaction requires enzymes and glucose substrate to continue the energy generation, but like ATP and PCr, the available substrate and enzymes are limited.
  • Albert and Aquinas agree in declaring that the principle of individuation is to be found in matter, not, however, in matter as a formless substrate but in determinate matter (materia signata), which is explained to mean matter quantitatively determined in certain respects.