Sentence Examples

  • You should also go with the measuring guidelines each furniture cover manufacturer provides, as their guidelines will be structured according to how their individual furniture covers are designed to fit over specific types of furniture.
  • If your company is structured as a partnership, corporation or limited liability company (LLC), the decision to shut down must be made and documented in a manner consistent with the organization's bylaws or articles of incorporation.
  • Many states require couples to undergo several hours of structured pre-marital counseling before obtaining a marriage license in an effort to encourage couples to address these types of issues before making a lifetime commitment.
  • These loans are available as a home equity loan (with one time payout in a lump sum) or as a home equity line of credit (structured like a credit card) With either option, you must have equity and the credit score to qualify.
  • Any ballroom dance pedagogy is going to benefit from a structured lesson plan, and usually the package plans from studios such as Arthur Murray or Fred Astaire will have a more disciplined approach to helping you learn rumba.