Sentence Examples

  • 3, 4; Clement of Alexandria, Stromata, v.
  • The ten books of Stromata (in which Origen compared the teaching of the Christians with that of the philosophers, and corroborated all the Christian dogmas from Plato, Aristotle, Numenius and Cornutus) have all perished, with the exception of small fragments; so have the tractates on the resurrection and on freewill.2 6.
  • Dionysius also contributed much to the criticism and elucidation of Homer, and was the author of various other works - amongst them an account of Rhodes, and a collection of MEMTat (literary studies), to which the considerable fragment in the Stromata (v.
  • The same functions of storage in advance of fructification are also exercised by the stromata so common in Ascomycetes.
  • Mulierum, 8; Clement of Alexandria, Stromata, iv.

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