Sentence Examples

  • Stephanie Meyer first described the engagement ring that vampire Edward Cullen presented to his human girlfriend, Bella Swan, in the book Eclipse as follows: "Nestled into the black satin, Elizabeth Masen's ring sparkled in the dim light.
  • Author Stephanie Meyer's popular Twilight series about the mystical secrets involving Edward the vampire, Jacob the werewolf, and Bella the sweet schoolgirl loved by both of them, has attracted millions of fans the world over.
  • Both Pratts were not very popular on the show because of their childish behavior, and became even less popular when Stephanie Pratt claimed NBC subjected Spencer and Heidi to torture, a claim which has been denied by NBC and Spencer.
  • The disagreeable impression on the public mind thus created was deepened by an unfortunate litigation, lasting for two years (1904-1906), over the deceased queen's will, in which the creditors of the princess Louise, together with princess Stephanie (Countess Lonyay), claimed that under the Belgian law the queen's estate was entitled to half of her husband's property.
  • Other novelists belonging to this school are: Desiderius Malonyai (Az utolso, " The Last "; Judith konyve, " The Book of Judith "; Tanulmdnyfejek, "Typical Heads "); Julius Pekar (Dodo fohadnagy problemai, " Lieutenant Dodo's Problems "; Az aranykesztyus kisasszony, " The Maid with the Golden Gloves "; A szoborszep asszony, " The Lady as Beautiful as a Statue "; Az esztendo legenddja, " The Legend of the Year "); Thomas Kobor (Aszfalt, " Asphalt "; 0 akarta, " He Wanted It "; A csillagok fele, " Towards the Stars "); Stephen Szomahazy (Huszonnegy Ora, " Twenty-four Hours "; A Clairette Keringd, " The Clairette Valse "; Pdratlan szerddk, " Incomparable Wednesdays "; Nydri felhok, " Clouds of Summer "); Zoltan Thury (Ullrich fdhadnagy es egyeb tortenetek, " Lieutenant Ullrich and other Tales "; Urak es parasztok, " Gentlemen and Peasants "); also Desiderius Szomory, Odon Gero, Arpad Abonyi, Koloman Szanto, Edward Sas, Julius Vertesi, Tibor Denes, Akos Pinter, the Misses Janka and Stephanie Wohl, Mrs Sigismund Gyarmathy and others.