Sentence Examples

  • High, the surface divided into numerous furrows like the ribs of a melon, with projecting angles, which are set with a regular series of stellated spines - each bundle consisting of about five larger spines, accompanied by smaller but sharp bristles - and the tip of the plant being surmounted by a cylindrical crown 3 to 5 in.
  • Four such solids exist: (I) small stellated dodecahedron; (2) great dodecahedron; (3) great stellated dodecahedron; (4) great icosahedron.
  • The small stellated dodecahedron is formed by stellating the Platonic dodecahedron (by "stellating " is meant developing the faces contiguous to a specified base so as to form a regular pyramid).
  • The great stellated dodecahedron is formed by stellating the faces of a great dodecahedron.
  • The great icosahedron is the reciprocal of the great stellated dodecahedron.

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