Sentence Examples

  • Studies in drapery, prancing steeds, ideal poses, heads with fragments of torsos attached (in extreme violation of true art), crouching beasts of preyall the stereotyped styles are reproduced.
  • 2) as a divine title "that sitteth upon the cherubim"; here it is doubted whether the cherubim are the material ones in the temple, or those which faith assumes and the artist tries to represent - the supernatural steeds upon which Yahweh issues forth to interfere in human affairs.
  • After a night of prayer, towards cockcrow the emperor was cheered by a vision of St Philip and St John, who, mounted on white steeds, promised him success.
  • But by the help of Poseidon, who lent him winged steeds, or of Oenomaus's charioteer Myrtilus, whom he or Hippodameia bribed, Pelops was victorious in the race, wedded Hippodameia, and became king of Pisa (Hyginus, Fab.
  • The Wind, by certain mares, became the father of wind-swift steeds mentioned in the Iliad.