Sentence Examples

  • Revealing an STD such as AIDS through prenatal testing can cause considerable trauma; knowing what exactly is being tested for can help prepare pregnant women for not only the testing, but also the results.
  • If the woman has an STD or products of conception are retained, there could also be the risk of an infection that would cause fever, abdominal pain, and the possible formation of scar tissue.
  • Primary prevention of initial STD infections through prevention and risk reduction programs are essential for stemming the tide of these sexually acquired diseases.
  • Some symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) such as trichomas or 'trich' mimic yeast infections, but if left untreated they can cause fertility problems.
  • The pretty Degrassi character attempts suicide after she discovers she contracted an STD, but some how Darcy is able to pull herself together and moves to Kenya.