Sentence Examples

  • His first wife was Mary, daughter of William Staunton of Staunton; and his second was Jane, daughter of Sir John Newton.
  • Of what is now the city of Staunton, was renamed Liberty Hall and was established near Lexington in 1780, and was chartered as Liberty Hall Academy in 1782.
  • The court sits at Richmond, Staunton and Wytheville.
  • For the care of the deaf and blind there is the Virginia School for Deaf and Blind (1839), at Staunton, and the Virginia School for Coloured Deaf and Blind Children (1908), at Newport News.
  • Staunton, who accompanied him as second commissioner, refused to consent, as Lord Macartney had done in 1793, unless the admission was made that his sovereign was entitled to the same show of reverence from a mandarin of his rank.